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Lynne Griffey Art News


Lynne was notified in June of 2022 that she was selected to

be included in the 2022-23 version of THE MARQUIS Who's Who In America.

Lynne was notified in July of 2022 that she was selected to

be included in the 2022-23 version of WHO'S WHO IN PROFESSIONAL WOMEN.


On July 16, 2019 Lynne Waters Griffey was interviewed by national talk radio host Kate Delaney about her book STILLNESS OF SPIRIT.


"I love your artwork.......your writing is beautiful....!  There are things in this book you can apply to your feed your head."  Kate Delaney (from the interview with Lynne Waters which aired on July 16, 2019)

For full interview, click 'PLAY' 

Lynne Waters Interview with Kate Delaney - Kate Delaney
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TO PURCHASE Stillness of Spirit:

Barnes and Noble (Click Here) (Click Here)


Order an autographed copy directly from Lynne by contacting her from the CONTACT PAGE (Click Here)


From APPLAUSE MAGAZINE, Spring 2016​:


The Tennessee State Museum was recently given
a painting by local artist, Lynne Griffey,
entitled Rendezvous with Destiny. The painting
was given as a collaboration between the
museum and The Fort Campbell Historical Foundation.
The painting was donated to honor
Samuel Bartholomew, a member of the Board of
Directors, as a lifetime achievement award.
The painting was originally donated by Griffey to
the Clarksville Rotary Club’s annual auction in
2014 and was purchased by Retired General
Hugh Smith. He donated the painting to help
with fundraising for the Wings of Liberty
Military Museum. It is displayed in the Tennessee
State Museum military history section as part of
their permanent collection.


Although Griffey is a native Clarksvillian, she
comes from a military family and has a deep
affinity for our troops.   My inspiration for Rendezvous
with Destiny is based on the time when
war became real to me. I learned a high school
friend had been killed in Vietnam in 1967. I
knew my Green Beret father was always training
for a mission but it didn’t affect me until
Marty died.

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